Dr. Mary Glass is a gifted healer, Chiropractor and educator residing in South Lake Tahoe, California with expertise in the understanding of life energy and how it affects our body systems and functions. She interprets the body's energy to find imbalances, disharmony,and deficiencies causing ill health. She treats her patients by correcting the causes and by teaching self help techniques that rehabilitate and restore their health back to balance and wellness. Dr. Glass uses a Holistic approach in treating her patients knowing how one system can affect the other when healing. Her treatment techniques allow the body to restore circulation, optimal nerve signaling, oxygen capacity, and energy. This allows the body to be pain free and function normally.

Dr. Glass has over 20 years experience of treating sports injuries for recreational, collegiate, olympic, and professional athletes. Using your body's energy to customize your treatments and rehabilitation specifically to you and your injury naturally.

People of all ages, including infants and seniors, can achieve optimal health by restoring and maintaining full function and balance of their bodies. Through the use of a variety of analytical techniques and treatments Dr. Glass's mission is to help sick people get well and well people reach their highest potential for living. Muscle Response Testing, a kinesological method is one of the techniques used to determine weakness, imbalance and poor function of the body. She uses therapeutic grade whole food and herbal medicines to treat the persons needs specifically designed to their deficiency. Bioenergy Vibrational Interpetation and treatments are also adminstered as needed to encourage healing. These and other treatments are available including specific needs home care programs.

Dr. Glass accepts personal injury cases due to auto accidents. Dr. Glass has been working with attorneys and insurance companies her whole career on personal injury cases. She has testified as a professional witness many times on personal injury cases. Dr. Glass treats auto accident injuries such as whiplash with natural medicine, chiropractic, and physical therapy rehabilitation. These treatments are designed to reduce inflamation, muscle spasms, pain, and to increase normal function.

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