Dr. Mary Glass has been a practicing chiropractor since 1987. She attended and graduated from Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, Texas in 1986. She moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1987 where she worked as an associate doctor treating approximately 300 patients per week focusing on the treatment of the musculoskeletal, spine, and nervous system type conditions. In 1991 she opened her own practice in Cincinnati where she expanded her practice to include energy medicine, applied kinesiology, mind/body stress release, design nutrition, and specific wellness programs for her patients. While in Cincinnati Dr. Glass held courtesy staff at both Mercy and Jewish Hospitals. She taught Muscle Response Testing classes to the public at the Mercy Hospital Wellness Center. Dr. Glass believes in patient education, open communication, and wants her patients actively involved in their healthcare. She is also a personal wellness doctor helping her patients to have optimum health. With over 20 years experience in structural balancing resulting from trauma, sports injuries, auto accidents, and her knowledge of natural holistic medicine and modern allopathic medicine allows Dr. Glass to provide her patients with total health care. She is a licensed chiropractor in Ohio and California and holds National Board Certification. She is Parker College certified in Contact Reflex Analysis and Design Nutrition and she has also extensively studied Neuro Emotional Technique. Dr. Glass has dedicated extensive time and effort developing her own Awareness and Biovibrational Interpretation Techniques for unblocking obstacles interfering in healing and health. Her goal for her clients is to bring about good health, happiness, and self-care management of one's well being.

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