Dr. Glass provides several different styles of chiropractic techniques. These styles are unique to each patient which can be very light to firm depending on their application. Dr. Glass individualizes a patients treatment plan to their specific needs considering their condition

Energy Medicine is the balancing of the human body's energy flow. Everything that exists in this universe is a form of energy. There are two kinds of energy known to man, one is light energy and the other is sound energy. The human body is made of and works on both. These energies have to be in tune to our body in perfect harmony to have excellent health. When there is disharmony of these energies there is a disruption of health. This disharmony of the energy fields or auras can be caused by a multitude of reasons. Dr. Glass has developed an analytical and treatment technique that is called Bioenergy Vibrational Interpretation. This technique allows her to hear the body's vibrational frequency and translate that into information to help the patient heal and perform at a high level. Dr. Glass through Bioenergy Vibrational Interpretation can bring hidden information causing illness to surface to be processed by the body. This allows the body to use the energy for healing and performance.

Physical Therapy services are available to help reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle spasm and contractures. Dr. Glass has worked with collegiate, olympic, and professional athletes to increase circulation, restore range of motion, and strength for optimum performance.

The human body has the ability to recover from both physical and emotional trauma due to injuries and stresses. Exercise programs are designed to restore strength, energy, and function so one can enjoy life to is fullest. Rehabilitation programs are custom designed for each individual and are focused on the body, mind, and spirit.

Releasing stress that is creating body pain, Dr. Glass has developed a stress relieving technique called AWARENESS. It is effective in reducing post-traumatic stress type pain. This technique can identify hidden stress manifesting as pain in the body. It also allows the person to process the stress to let it go, therefore alleviating pain.

For a person to have excellent health, they have to feed themselves the high performance fuel they need. Dr. glass analyzes the body's nutritional needs and deficiencies through your body's energies. She then custom designs a nutritional plan to fill any needs and to support any nutritional imbalances. The essential nutrients are not made by the body but are necessary for optimum health. A high performance athlete needs high performance food. Dr. Glass can design a specific needs program for your health goals.

Nutritional purification programs consisting of therapeutic grade nutrients are available for intestinal and liver cleanses. The Aqua Chi Ionic foot bath is available to further help in the acceleration of cellular cleansing and also enhances energy flow and immunity. Call for more details.

Hormonal balancing is done naturally with herbs, whole food supplements, and is monitored by Biofeedback Muscle Response Testing. For best results a three month follow up Biofeedback session is required.

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